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Admiral General Saladeen
Posted 2 years ago | Last updated 2 years ago #1
In a flag of truce, I and my allies declare a temporary cessation of hostilities to Oblivion on humanitarian grounds, seeing that he has given up on counter attacks against our fleets. Know that if Oblivion attacks one of our fleets, or if another party attacks on his behalf in any way, this declaration of ceasefire will be null and void, we will consider it an act of war and will respond with appropriate force. However, if we decide to break the ceasefire and attack you again, we shall do so in a gentlemanly fashion and announce a declaration of war beforehand.

Gentlemen, let us not be daunted by attacks from the higher ups, rather we must cooperate in order to strengthen our ships and sail to victory. Kampai!

-Admiral Saladeen