How have you found this game?

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Not that I'm complaining about having people playing it, but I am curious about how everyone's made their way to Sea Powers.

I know a few of you in person, and I recognize a few more names from the Shipbucket community. No idea about most of the rest of you.
Major Narsilion
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It's a bit more basic than I remember it being in the past but I'm still enjoying it all these years later. For the most part the player base still acts like the old one, we're back to single islands, the old landing craft exploit is still being used. I want my mini subs back though damnit.

I saw Husky asking for scout ships, would it be possible to reintroduce the old secret police buildings that we used to have?
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It's just good to have the ol' days back.
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Scootia is basically responsible for introducing me to this, over on the /r/kancolle discord. I do rather wish I'd discovered this back in the old days... Oh well, I'm here now.

... Ah, the landing craft exploit isn't new? XD